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About Mo

I am currently a Police Officer in the City of Woodbranch. Most importantly, I’m the husband of Martha Lisle, a gifted cellist, and the father of three beautiful daughters. I care deeply about the safety and security of our home and our community because I know what happens when it breaks down.

My time in law enforcement, combined with my extensive business leadership background, drives me to run for the Sheriff’s office. In addition, I use my business and leadership experience to help myself and others better serve our community.


I have been working closely and actively with the local GOP leadership to create awareness within minority communities of the three fundamental values; Faith, Family and Freedom.

As a City Police Officer who works tirelessly in the community, I advocate for residents’ safety. I am dedicated to bringing a positive change in the community by dedicating myself to your family, and our community’s safety and well-being.

Police Life

I got into law enforcement at the age of 35, after I took the advice of my father who said, “Only become a Police Officer when you are ready not to make money but to help your fellow community members”.

My career in law enforcement, first as a Deputy for Harris County, where I was awarded for my dedication and hard work, and as a Police Officer for the State of Texas, documents my credentials in the field of law enforcement. It also provides me with deep and enduring relationships and contacts with fellow law enforcement personnel at all levels.


Apart from being a certified instructor, I have also earned the Master Peace officer Certification.

  • Certified Jail Administrator
  • Certified Classroom Instructor
  • Certified OC Spray Instructor
  • Certified Rifle Operator
  • Taser Instructor Mental Health Officer
  • Field Training Officer

Business Life

My strong background in leadership and business operations comes from having worked in a Fortune 100 company. I developed skills in sales, customer service, community relations, and financial management which ultimately gave me the confidence to manage a team of over 350 people worldwide.

I strongly believe in leading by example and motivating my team with achievable goals rather than fear. All these experiences provide me with the skills that I will rely upon to manage the Sheriff’s office of over 800 staff members and a large budget.

Early Life

I was born and raised in Kuwait, where I lived my teen years as a typical boy. But in 1990, my life was turned upside down when Iraq invaded Kuwait. My family had to abandon our home because of the invasion, and after years of disruption, we returned to Kuwait.

Later, I was fortunate to earn my bachelor’s degree in computer science. I made the difficult and painful decision to leave my family far behind to come to Houston to study at University of Phoenix. I worked during the day, and studied at night, earning my Master’s degree in Organizational Management. This launched me into a successful 20-year career in business.

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